Graphene Coatings Vs Ceramic Spray Coatings – What’s the difference?

Graphene coatings vs spray ceramic coatings
With all the products out there in the detailing industry, it can get a little confusing trying to differentiate between a proper traditional coating versus an inexpensive product with false quality advertising.
Let us clear up some of the confusion about some of the products on the market.   
A lot of companies out there are coming out with inexpensive spray products claiming to be the same as your traditional ceramic coatings but at a much lower price. Where, in actual fact, their looks, durability, benefits and self cleaning properties are completely different. We want you to know exactly what you’re paying for.


Applying of protective nanoceramics on car headlights
It is best to get a trained professional to apply Graphene or Ceramic coatings to avoid unwanted damage
Graphene and Ceramic coatings are designed for professionally trained and accredited detailers because, if applied incorrectly, you can actually do more damage to your vehicle. These issues can only be resolved with machine polishing. 
So traditional coatings are generally more difficult to apply and require more patience. However, the benefits are superior eg. longer lasting and stronger protection from marring. 
Spray coatings, on the other hand, are a lot more simple and convenient with regards to application. These are great products if you are looking for quick and easy protection that can be done on your own


Pros and cons of traditional coatings in comparison to spray coatings
Not all coatings are the same. Usually, the better the quality, the higher the price.
Graphene and Ceramic coatings are made to protect and maintain your vehicles paintwork, so you’re going to pay more for the benefits it gives. However, these are a great investment as they more durable and more resistant to marring saving you extra work later.
Spray on coatings products, while being convenient, don’t have the same durability as the traditional coatings. Sprays don’t contain the same quality protective, self-cleaning properties that traditional coatings do. This doesn’t mean to say that these are terrible products. On the contrary! They are great products that do the job at maintaining the vehicle, to a degree. Just not to the same extent as Graphene and Ceramic coatings that contain different self care properties.
Deciding what product to purchase is dependant on your needs and preferences.


Once the Graphene or Ceramic coating is applied, the car must stay dry for a minimum of 24 hours and should not be washed for preferably a week after application. This is to ensure that the coating is fully cured and has bonded to the clear coat. The properties these traditional coatings possess protect the car for longer periods of time meaning that reapplication isn’t required as often as spray coatings.
Unlike your traditional coatings, spray coatings don’t need the same wait time as they are not as strong. This means that you can get them wet immediately after application, which can be more convenient for some. This, however, does mean that it won’t last as long and will, therefore, need reapplication more often. 





There is no right or wrong choice. Both products are great in different ways. It depends on whether you are looking for an inexpensive protectant that you can simply apply yourself or whether you are wanting to invest more in a product that will last and not require frequent attention. 
We hope that this helped to clarify the misconceptions put out there and to help you decide what is right for you.
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