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Paint Protection & Paint Correction package designed to restore a flawless finish before locking in the new shine with a ceramic coating or graphene coating

We understand that sometimes ‘perfection’ is being chased, othertimes a ‘massive improvement’ is what's being strived for, and sometimes a ‘gloss enhancement’ is all you need.

That is why we have a variety of paint correction and paint protection packages available that take this into account. The ‘sweet spot’ for you, your car and your budget, can be found in our simplified range of packages. If you’re unsure, a quick general inspection is free at our Mortlake, Sydney detailing studio. Alternatively, if your car’s had an eventful life, or if you’d simply prefer us to fully investigate and document its current condition before deciding which package is best for you, we can complete a thorough hour-long inspect and report service at your request.


Our PLATINUM package is Above & Beyond. Suited to cars with a high level of paint defects, Fouad undertakes an intensive and pain-staking paint correction process to restore a flawless finish. Once completed, the paint is then locked in with a high-grade professional paint protection coating.  What’s more, Fouad will provide videos, photographs and updates documenting the transformation throughout, for the most personal and involving package A Buff & Beyond can offer.


While every PLATINUM correction and protection package will be individually tailored to each vehicle and to your needs, we will always include the following process as standard.

  • Comprehensive wash process using three bucket safe wash method
  • Chemical decontamination for the removal of bitumen, tar and other environmental fallout
  • Door jambs, hinges, badges, edges and panel gaps brushed cleaned
  • Wheel arches carefully jet-washed
  • Wheels cleaned using safe wheel cleaning products
  • Exhaust tips cleaned
  • Combination of soft microfibre towel and compressed-air drying techniques
  • Mechanical decontamination  to remove bonded contaminants from paintwork by use of a clay bar
  • Chemical decontamination to remove bonded iron to paintwork and wheels
  • Paint depth readings taken to determine safe paint defect remove limits and determine paint repairs history
  • PLATINUM level machine polishing to permanently remove all paint defects possible and safe to do so restoring #beyondbrandnew shine and gloss
  • Polishing oils and residue removed with Panel Wipe to ensure all surfaces are chemically clean for protective coatings
  • Ceramic Coating Paint Protection applied to exterior paintwork, plastics and lights
  • Sealant applied to all exterior glass 
  • Door jambs treated with a sealant for added protection
  • Wheel faces protected with a high-temp coating
  • Tyres cleaned and dressed with a long lasting tyre dressing
  • Interior glass cleaned
  • Interior litter removed, surfaces dusted, carpets and mats vacuumed
  • Final inspection to make sure your car meets our high standards


Our PLATINUM package paint correction and paint protection Above & Beyond the next level, and will include Fouad painstakingly removing every defect that can possibly be polished away from the paintwork.  What’s more, Fouad will provide videos, photographs and updates documenting the transformation throughout, for the most personal and involving package A Buff & Beyond can offer. That is why our PLATINUM packages are POA. Please give us a call or fill out the below form and we can organise a time to discuss a tailored serviced for you.


Or just pop in and show us your car in person, any time we’re open.


Our BRONZE detail is specifically designed for new car owners seeking the best in ceramic coating paint protection. Utilising the latest in coating technology, we offer the most robust protection for your paintwork, wheels and interior.

Our SILVER package is the best value for your money. Suitable for vehicles with minor paint defects, a high gloss and glass-like paint finish is achieved by means of paint correction before applying a high-grade paint protection coating.

Our GOLD package is designed for vehicles with medium level paint defects such as swirls, scratches and reduced depth of colour. The rejuvenated paintwork is then locked in with a high-grade professional paint protection coating.


We understand there is a lot of information out there which can be overwhelming at times. That’s why we have written these accurate, comprehensive yet simple to understand articles regarding paint protection, paint correction and ceramic coatings so that you can be informed to make the right decision for your car.


Get a better understanding of what paint correction is, what it involves and if it's right for your vehicle.


Learn what ceramic coatings are, what they can and can't do, and find answers to frequently asked questions.


Thanks to years of extensive testing and research at A Buff & Beyond, we have refined our paint correction methods to be effective and safe on all types of clear coats.

Paint correction by machines, despite how complicated some websites and videos will attempt to make it look, is really just ‘sanding’. The difference is in the skill, patience and understanding behind diminishing and non-diminishing compounds, pressures, machine speeds, backing plate angles, heat and temperatures, surface areas, residue control, paint thickness and more – a balancing act that becomes an art with experience.


We love to build relationships with our Clients, that is why all our services include direct contact and discussion with Fouad about your vehicle, including maintenance training, product advice and even after-hours support for years to come. 

Mehir Lewis
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Fouad was very professional in his approach for this job. He takes pride in his work which is an excellent quality. The job that he did on my car was amazing!! I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone else.
Mike Keane
Google Review
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Fouad is very respectful and professional, my car is absolutely divine after Fouad did ceramic coating & detailing. My car is brand new he made it looks even newer than when I bought it. Job very well done, if you want your car to look amazing you need to have it done by Buff & Beyond. Can't thank you enough, I drive it with pride now.
Adam Chan-Sew
Google Review
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Fouad’s obsession with cars and attention to detail is evident through his work. I left the keys of my pride and joy with him for one day and I was amazed when I returned to see a mirror finish all over with incredible colour depth. A complete transformation! Thanks Fouad. Will be recommending your services.
Leon Very
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Fouad spent 2 days completing a Stage 1 paint correction and Graphene coating to my Aston Martin. The result is incredible! The detail and professionalism shown by Fouad is second to none. He is a perfectionist and is very knowledgeable in his craft. Above all he is a great guy and very easy to deal with. Thanks very much Fouad, we are very happy!
Adam Ullman
Google Review
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I can’t recommend this place enough. Amazing attention to detail and Fouad really did go above and beyond. He even sent me video updates during the process. It’s really obvious that he loves what he does and the result speaks for itself! 😍
Shareen Anthony
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Fouad is a great guy, friendly and professional and an expert is his field. He did an amazing stage 1 correction and headlight restoration on my black 370z which now looks super shiny and beautiful! Makes the whole experience of driving my sports car even more enjoyable. Fouad even gave me a after care plan on maintaining the shine and smoothness of the car with recommendations of products to buy and how to use them for best results. Definitely recommend a buff and beyond to anyone looking for a safe, friendly and professional service 🙂
Adrian Suseno
Google Review
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We didn't want to leave our car with just anyone. We heard about Fouad's work ethic and attention to detail and when we saw the results, we were not disappointed. Loved the graphene coating. Highly recommend!
Castle Hill Collision Repairs
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We were more then happy with the detailing job. Very professional and courteous. A absolute gentleman who takes enormous pride in his work. Highly recommend.