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Paint correction service

What is paint correction?

Paint correction is the delicate process of permanently removing swirls marks, scratches, oxidation and other unsightly paint defects to restore your vehicles shine and gloss.

Why do you need to see my vehicle to quote it?

Fouad needs to see your vehicle before quoting paint correction to determine what thickness is the paintwork on the vehicle and confirm the defects can be removed without compromising the vehicles paintwork in the long run. 

The thickness of each car’s paint varies, but in most cases the top clear coat which contains all the damage is only about 0.07mm thin! That is even thinner than the wrapper of a chocolate bar!

Unfortunately, there is a belief in the industry that the paint work just needs a ‘cut and polish’ and the swirls and defects are permanently gone. The danger with this process is not confirming the thickness of the paint before commencing. If the clear coat is too thin to cut the defects out, you will be left with paint failure which can only be fixed by respraying the vehicle.

Though swirls marks and scratches can be removed with a machine polisher, the professional experience ensures the paintwork thickness is not compromised and the paint work is restored and conserved without excessively reducing the thickness of the paint to remove those defects.

Paint correction by machines, is really just ‘sanding’. The difference is in the skill, patience and understanding behind diminishing and non-diminishing compounds, pressures, machine speeds, backing plate angles, heat and temperatures, surface areas, residue control, paint thickness, tooling and more – a balancing act that becomes an art with experience.

Thanks to years of extensive testing, research and experience, Fouad at A Buff & Beyond, has refined his car paint correction methods to be effective and safe on all types of clear coats.

Get a better understanding of what paint correction means, what it involves and when you should consider paint correction for your car. We will explain what paint is and its characteristics, as well as the procedures of paint correction. At the end of this article, we hope you will be able to make a sound decision on whether this is the right service for you.

The structure of automotive paint

Simply said, paint is there to protect the panels of your car. It protects the metal from oxidation and therefore avoids rusting.

Cross section of automotive paint

The thickness of each car’s paint varies, but it is good to know that in most cases the topcoat is only about 0.076mm thin! That is even thinner than the wrapper of a chocolate bar!

The topcoat (clear coat) does not contain any colour or pigment and its role is to protect the base colour of your car.

The primer is designed to keep the moisture away from the bare metal surface to prevent it from rusting etc.

The characteristics of paint:

Car paint has 4 layers, and each of these layers is shifting and expanding/contracting at different speeds at the same time when exposed to heat either via environmental circumstances such as sun or physical circumstances such as polishing
All individual layers move independently while they must stick to each other. This will have an impact on your polishing and overall outcome

When does your car need paint correction?

Your car may need to undergo paint correction when the topcoat of the car’s paintwork is damaged. Once the damage is done, sunlight diffracts in these damaged areas and reflects its imperfections which we notice.

You may notice defects such as

  • swirl marks
  • oxidation
  • etchings
  • fine scratches
  • buffer trails
  • and random isolated deep scratches (RIDS

which can be removed with a Paint Correction service.

Cross Section of automotive paint light reflection

How is paint correction carried out?

Paint Correction works by levelling down the paint to reduce the visible defects by means of sanding, compounding and polishing.

A variety of different compounds, sand paper, polishes, pads and machines are used while taking into consideration the condition of the paint.

Check out some of our videos that provide a brief glimpse into the world of paint correction.

Importance considerations

It is important to keep in mind:

  1. The topcoat has ingredients included that are designed to fight off damage such as the effects of the sun. By levelling down the paint, some of the UV and heavy-duty protection will be removed with it automatically
  2. When you polish, you keep on taking away microlayers of paint it is reducing the thickness of your paint. The topcoat is generally only about 0.076mm thin which is thinner than the wrapper of a post-it note
  3. Too fast and too much heat polishing means the layers will shift which will cause distension on the top layer. Therefore, the micromechanical attachments detach. This will result in delamination which will not be visible at once but over time your car’s paint might fade into cloudy looking paint.
  4. If you polish too fast with too much heat, your car paint will lose its connection and you will burnt the paint which will require a full respray to repair.

Paint correction is great if you would like to enhance or restore the paintwork of your car. It is a ‘permanent’ fix and can bring amazing changes to your car’s paint. However, Paint Correction is also limited and not always the solution. Depending on the thickness of your car’s paint it might be better to smooth out the damage with ‘fillers’, so the visible defects are not as harsh. A professional assessment of your car’s paintwork is always recommended as it identifies problem areas and what is the best solution for your car’s paintwork. If you would like us to assess your car to receive an honest opinion and recommendation on how to restore/revive your car’s paintwork, then we would love to hear from you.

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Honest Reviews

Building relationships with my Clients is important. That is why all services include direct contact and discussion with Fouad about your vehicle, including maintenance training, product advice and support for years to come. 

Ja T
Google Review
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I normally do not like to review any businesses but I think I need to for this one, because I did owe previous reviews that made me make decision to contact Fouad. Even tho I am living 150kms from his business workshop. All car lovers if you are thinking of minor paint corrections and paint coating. You would be thinking which types would suit you best, price would come into consideration as well. And for sure we all would love to get the best product and services with the cheapest price. I am the same. The price for Ceramic or Graphene coating is surely much higher than normal waxing. But im thinking of timing to do the coating and the durability of these products per days. Ceramic/Graphene is clearly a better choice for me. Why doing it with the buff and beyond? Please ask Fouad about products he uses and how he would treat your car and compare with other quotes you have before making your decision. It’s like everything. Quality and service versus price. If you love your car and take pride of it. No better place to do car coating than with him. From the start. Quoting was quick it came with explanation of each types of product. Made it easy to choose what suited you most. Scheduling was easy, actually booking my car into service with the Porsche took longer. So all work out well. His workshop is super clean and professional . Everything was delivered on time as promised no delay. The result is amazing. Like I did a new paint on my car. And also coating on windscreen was a cherry on the cake. No more dirty water marks. Communicate with Fouad was easy and professional. Every questions were answered with patient and willingness to make you understand. He is a gentleman absolute pleasure to deal with. Hope my review would help anyone who is thinking of doing coating and thank you Fouad for your amazing job 🙏
Neil Rahill
Google Review
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A Buff & Beyond done an amazing job on my 24 year old black Toyota Starlet GT Turbo this week. The car had a dodgy respray done at some point in its life and the paint work was far from perfect. To add to this, the roof was very badly sun damaged, with white blotches all over it. I brought the car to Fouad for an initial consultation and after taking some paint thickness measurements, he was confident that he could get the roof back to black and tidy up the majority of the rest of the body. We agreed that the silver package was the way forward for this car. I could not be happier with the outcome! The roof is as close to perfect as could be achieved, as are all of the other panels given the age of the car & the previous botched paint job. He was so careful around some of the existing paint defects to ensure no further damage occurred. Fouad takes great pride in his work and the proof is undoubtedly in the outcome! Highly recommend the work that this company do & I will certainly be back with other vehicles. Thanks Fouad & team.
Maya Yamada
Google Review
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It's very hard to find honest people in this business. I’m so happy found him! Fouad has shown nothing but professionalism and honesty to me with my car. He told me what and what was not recommended for my car. I have recommended him to friends who have also come back with nothing but positive comments about his work. Don't fall for the dealership paint protection package, let Fouad show you what REAL paint protection is!
Chris Sharp
Google Review
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We had a new BMW paint protected with a buff and beyond, great service and a great result. They are very helpful and knowledgeable about what your car needs. Thanks guys
Shane ONeill
Google Review
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I recently got my new car graphene coated along with the bronze new car package at A Buff & Beyond. I am delighted with the outcome. Significantly better than what I could have got at the dealer. Dealing with Fouad was a pleasure. He provided great insights into the process and the products used as well as providing extremely helpful suggestions regarding maintenance in order to keep the car looking its best. His attention to detail and quality workmanship is exemplary and I would have no hesitation in recommending A Buff & Beyond.
Yuriy Aleksanyan
Google Review
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A Buff & Beyond is the place to take you car in no matter of the size, to get it professionally coated it at the most efficient time. I have taken my Ford Ranger in for a Bronze pack to get it coated as the car was completely new. The car was already nice and shiny but seeing it after it has been coated, it has completely transferred the look, where the colour has started to pop more and it also became very smooth and even more shiny. Fouad knows what he is doing and you can trust him with your car. Fouad has an exceptional customer service where he would point out any defects on the paint and explain to you what exactly needs to be done to have it treated well. Fouad did a really good job with my car and I couldn’t be happier with the results - definitely recommend A Buff & Beyond!!!
Yoni Gozman
Google Review
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Fouad did a stage one paint correction and applied a ceramic coating to my BMW E90 M3. The car was picked up and returned to me looking amazing, I also received an update call half way through the process updating me on progress. The end result is a glossy and smooth looking car paint, coated and protected for the next couple of years. A huge thank you to Fouad for the excellent work, I highly recommend his services to anyone that wants their car to shine.
Juliette Young
Google Review
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Absolutely fantastic results! A buff & Beyond pay attention to detail, and have knowledge of their ceramic coatings so they know exactly what you need. Excellent service, would highly recommend!
Lynette Malcom
Google Review
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Incredible service and the best result I have had on a black car... Fouad is the best in the business in my opinion. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my car.
Evan Balafas
Google Review
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I dropped off my GLE63 for a thorough and complete clean of my car. I wanted all scratches, stone chips and light marks on the car removed and that is what i got. The car came up looking brand new both inside and out and i could not have been more happier with the finished product and the service provided. I highly recommend the team @ A Buff & Beyond for a total service solution. Evan
Karatas Izci
Google Review
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Words can’t describe how happy I was with the Service provided by Fouad and the Quality and finish of the product used. I am an old school spray painter by trade and have never liked any products added over the paint to my cars. When I bought my last Audi I was convinced by Audi that I needed a Ceramic coating and in the first 2 weeks it was apparent that it was a total waste of 2k. I just had my Pride and joy Ford Ranger resprayed and didn’t want it coated but after hours of discussion on all the pros by Fouad I agreed to have it done. I can now say that the ceramic coating applied to my car by B&B after 7 weeks is absolutely amazing. In the 2nd week I parked under a tree that gave out a mist of tree sap all over the bonnet and the side of the car. I was so stressed and upset that I walked away. The next day it rained so again left it alone. When it finally cleared up to my surprise the tree sap had all washed off. I can confirm 100% that from now on every car I own will have this product applied by who I now call Car Dr Fouad. The Audi is booked in to strip the old coating applied by Audi and have a new coat applied by B&B.
Ryan Valentine
Google Review
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Would give more stars if I could! Only went there for a quote to fix up another detailers errors and Fouad fixed them up no questions asked. I just wish I had gone with his excellent service from the start. Next time! 💪
Mike Keane
Google Review
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Fouad is very respectful and professional, my car is absolutely divine after Fouad did ceramic coating & detailing. My car is brand new he made it looks even newer than when I bought it. Job very well done, if you want your car to look amazing you need to have it done by Buff & Beyond. Can't thank you enough, I drive it with pride now.
Mehir Lewis
Google Review
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Fouad was very professional in his approach for this job. He takes pride in his work which is an excellent quality. The job that he did on my car was amazing!! I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone else.
Adam Chan-Sew
Google Review
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Fouad’s obsession with cars and attention to detail is evident through his work. I left the keys of my pride and joy with him for one day and I was amazed when I returned to see a mirror finish all over with incredible colour depth. A complete transformation! Thanks Fouad. Will be recommending your services.
Leon Very
Google Review
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Fouad spent 2 days completing a Stage 1 paint correction and Graphene coating to my Aston Martin. The result is incredible! The detail and professionalism shown by Fouad is second to none. He is a perfectionist and is very knowledgeable in his craft. Above all he is a great guy and very easy to deal with. Thanks very much Fouad, we are very happy!
Adam Ullman
Google Review
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I can’t recommend this place enough. Amazing attention to detail and Fouad really did go above and beyond. He even sent me video updates during the process. It’s really obvious that he loves what he does and the result speaks for itself! 😍
Shareen Anthony
Google Review
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Fouad is a great guy, friendly and professional and an expert is his field. He did an amazing stage 1 correction and headlight restoration on my black 370z which now looks super shiny and beautiful! Makes the whole experience of driving my sports car even more enjoyable. Fouad even gave me a after care plan on maintaining the shine and smoothness of the car with recommendations of products to buy and how to use them for best results. Definitely recommend a buff and beyond to anyone looking for a safe, friendly and professional service 🙂
Adrian Suseno
Google Review
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We didn't want to leave our car with just anyone. We heard about Fouad's work ethic and attention to detail and when we saw the results, we were not disappointed. Loved the graphene coating. Highly recommend!
Castle Hill Collision Repairs
Google Review
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We were more then happy with the detailing job. Very professional and courteous. A absolute gentleman who takes enormous pride in his work. Highly recommend.