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Just like our clients, each vehicle, new or used is unique. That is why all our quotes require an obligation free inspection at our Blacktown workshop.
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Ceramic coating paint protection done right

A Buff & Beyond is located in Blacktown, Sydney. Specialising in ceramic coating paint protection and paint correction, each and every vehicle in our workshop is worked on patiently and meticulously, one at a time. If you are seeking quality workmanship and honest professional advice for your new everyday car, weekend warrior or garage queen, you’ve come to the right place.

The truth about ceramic coating paint protection

Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation about ceramic coating paint protection. There are countless products in the market promising amazing performance, durability and life-time warranties. But the differing coating preparation methods, turn-around times and products used make it difficult to compare like-for-like accurately.  

Over the years we have tried and tested many ‘professional’ grade ceramic coatings in regards to durability and real-world performance claims. We are accredited ceramic coating installers for GTechniq, Artdeshine, Ethos and more. But one ceramic glass coating stands in a league of its own – Modesta.

From around the world, we are one of only a handful of quality detailers which have been hand-picked by Modesta and trained to be an accredited installer of a paint protection system unlike any other on the market. 

If you are seeking the highest quality coating for your vehicle, or want the best value for money, call us to discuss which ceramic coating is best for your car.

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Paint correction & ceramic coating Videos

It can be difficult to comprehend the time, patience and effort required to paint correct a car and prepare it for a ceramic coating. Though this process can take many days, we aim to provide some level of transparency into the process by means of a series of short videos to help give you a glimpse into the work that is involved and the results that you can expect when you take your vehicle to A Buff & Beyond. 

Why choose a modesta ceramic coating?

Modesta is the most exclusive automotive paint protection product line that is currently available on the market. Each bottle is made by hand by professional chemists in Kagawa, Japan with the greatest passion and care.

Worldwide they are known for the most advanced technology of paint protection and respected for their outstanding quality and customer care. Modesta’s products have been developed by leading Japanese scientists and are only available to our hand-selected detailing specialists through our worldwide distributor network.

A literal and measurable liquid glass ceramic coating is installed on your vehicles paintwork to form a clear and hard glass layer that bonds to your paint for up to 10 years, protecting your vehicle from dirt, heat, watermarks, oxidation, etchings and light scratches. Your vehicle also will be easier to keep clean whilst maintaining a ‘candy-like’ gloss appearance.

Modesta coatings are also the hardest to apply. Which is why there are only a few hand picked and trained Modesta installers in Australia.

Modesta manufacture coatings to protect your cars paintwork, wheels, calipers, glass, plastic, and leather surfaces.