What are Ceramic Coatings?

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So you’ve heard of ceramic coatings, but you have no idea what they are or what they do…Or you may have read different information regarding ceramic coatings. Some that praise it and some that critique it. 
Well, we are about to answer any questions you may have regarding this form of paint protection while, at the same time, clearing up any misconceptions.
It is important to get all the right facts before deciding whether or not to purchase the ceramic coating product or service so that you know exactly what you are paying for. 
Let’s dive in.


Simply put, Ceramic coatings are a liquid polymer sealant. 
Okay, so what is that?
It is a product made up of molecules that bond together and stick to the paint creating a clear protective layer for your car.
The most popular form of ceramic coatings are SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide) with the difference between the vast array of ceramic coatings out there being in manufacturer tweaks for water repellancy, hardness, application ease and other factors.


what it does
Ceramic coated car makes the paintwork hydrophobic and water repellant,
  • Like wax, ceramic coating protects the paint from particles that may scratch or dull the finish. The difference, though, is that ceramic coatings last longer because of the polymer technology. It works as a semi-permanent bond rather than a simple protective film or top coat. Wax will last up to about 6 weeks, whereas, ceramic coating will last a long period of time and won’t need reapplying as often. 
  • Not only does the protection last a long time, but ceramic coatings, provide strong protection. How? Contaminants like rain, bird droppings and dust cannot penetrate this clear layer within a reasonable amount of time. 
    This means that, unlike wax, ceramic coatings don’t act as a sacrificial layer that breaks down fairly quickly. Rather, this nanotechnology found in ceramic coatings, means that nano particles sink in and cross link with the paint increasing it’s resistance. This surface layer is hydrophobic (water-repellant) and also resistant to UV, chemicals and extreme heat.
  • As ceramic coatings create a hydrophobic layer, water easily slides off. This also means that mud and grime find it difficult to stick to the cars surface. Overall, this means that the maintenance and cleaning is much easier.

  • As this coating creates a surface which is resistant to chemicals, your car will be less prone to staining from any acidic contaminants. 

  • The nano ceramic coating not only repels dirt and water but it’s strength helps prevent minor scratches, swirls and other unwanted marks from appearing on your paintwork.
  • As it is provides protection from UV rays, it reduces oxidisation that normally leaves the car’s paintwork looking dull and faded. So, ceramic coatings not only prevents the paint from damage, but it protects it’s glossy finish.


As mentioned before, sometimes this product is praised but also over exaggerated. So let’s clear things up…
  • Although this coating protects the car from minor damage ie; swirls and scratches from contaminants, it will not prevent the danger of more significant damage such as; rock chips and other serious scratches. If you wash your car incorrectly (using a dirty wash mitt, or take it 4 wheel driving, the coating will scratch. It does not make the paintwork completely resistant to any damage. 

  • Despite it’s hydrophobic properties, ceramic coatings will not guarantee complete protection of water spotting. This property helps water slide of easily making the cleaning process easier, as mentioned earlier. However, water spotting is still possible if droplets are left to sit on the surface long enough.
    So yes, hydrophobic products help to protect the car longer and aid in the maintenance, but it does not completely stop water marks from appearing. Point is: Do not allow water spots to rest on the paint for a long time, regardless of whether your car has this coating or not. This also brings us to the next  point…
  • Ceramic coating does not remove the need to wash your car. Yes, it helps minimise the maintenance but with everyday use, your car is bound to get dirty and need a clean. This just means you won’t have to wax your car every few months but you will still enjoy the same, if not, better results with less work needed. 


So to sum it all up:
  • Lasts a long time without needing frequent reapplication
  • Provides strong protection against dirt, dust and grime
  • UV, water, heat and chemical resistant 
  • Easier to clean and maintain
  • Prevents minor damage like scratches, swirls and marring 
  • Protects the glossy paintwork 
  • Does not fully protect the car from all damages 
  • Will not guarantee complete protection from water spotting
  • Does not remove the need to wash your car 

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